History of TAIN

Tain History

TAIN has been around since the beginning of Internet gambling. We are a technology driven company that have developed platforms and online gaming solutions since 1999 when we developed our first sportsbook, now recognised as one of the most successful in the business.

The story of Tain begins with the launch of the Expekt sportsbook in 1999 and a results service the following year. A betting exchange was developed and launched in 2001 and then in 2003 TAIN expanded its portfolio with the roll-out of a casino product. The following year development continued and a poker network product was introduced along with Supertoto.

In 2006 TAIN launched the TAIN Payment Gateway and TAIN Commons Platform products. TAIN Poker merged with Playtech in 2007 and we established ourselves as a gateway into the iPoker Network. By 2009 TAIN had created the Thorium Casino and established a presence in Curaçao, this now providing TAIN with a third presence in global licensed jurisdictions. During the following year TAIN developed the first zero-risk sportsbetting platform and in 2011 launched it as the Thorium Sportsbook.

Our longevity and broad scope in the online gambling market has given us the know-how, tools and experience to develop market leading solutions, concepts and business value for the future.

Today we offer an extensive portfolio of products and services to facilitate new and established operators in the markets of their choice. TAIN has always focused solely on the business-to-business aspects of Internet gambling and we pride ourselves in consistently offering highly professional services and a level of integrity that are second to none in the online gaming industry, something we believe that history has proven.

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