TAIN Commons Platform

Tain Commons Platform

At the heart of our eGaming infrastructure is the TAIN Commons Platform (TCP), now in its third major release. The TAIN Commons Platform ties together all ends of your eGaming solutions into one common back end, linking and monitoring payment solutions, marketing channels, reporting functions and much more.

In place of having different management and reporting interfaces for each of your gaming products, the TAIN Commons Platform integrates each product into a single management platform, thereby creating superior business value. Each new product you add to your business is simply plugged-in to TCP and immediately available from the same familiar interface.

TCP is TAIN’s unique software solution and is a central part of our eGaming Infrastructure – but not all of it.

The TAIN offering is multidimensional. We have a number of products that are running successfully today: Poker, Casino, Betting and Games. They all contain off-the-shelf solutions that work as independent products if you want them to. But not until you combine them will you start to see the real benefits. With TCP, the products are built to work seamlessly together, increasing cost-efficiency and profitability with every product you add.

As you give your customer more possibilities you also gain knowledge of their behaviour and can tailor solutions that improve you offering. In addition to our technology expertise, we offer an in-depth knowledge of the market. That is, we not only provide a gambling solution for every need; we assist you in making your business successful.

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