TAIN Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

The TAIN Payment Gateway, known as TPG, is your key to all major online payment solutions on the market: PrePaid Cards, Vouchers, Credit and Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, E-Wallets, Mobile Payments  and many more, all using a single protocol. The TAIN Payment Gateway is, to put it quite simply, a unified interface to a huge variety of various online payment solutions.

Tain have been constantly adding and maintaining API PSP integrations for all their client needs from 1999.

Seamless failover to your secondary credit card processor when your primary online payment service provider is unavailable makes for superior business value and fewer unhappy customers.
Platform standardisation and advanced failover capabilities, together with a fully integrated and highly configurable fraud scoring and risk management system makes the TAIN Payment Gateway one of the most flexible and best online payment systems in the market.

The TPG helps you keep your players happy with various payment thresholds and fraud guard settings which could result in strict KYC procedures or instant payouts for your trusted/KYC passed or VIP customers. It also lets you instantly manage all your method’s deposit and withdrawal pages including their pop up text.


The TAIN Payment Gateway has been built according to the Visa and MasterCard Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards requirements for storing cardholder information using strong cryptographic algorithms to ensure the highest possible security and peace of mind for your customers. Additionally, the 3D Secure implementation which is optional according to your needs, ensures that charge backs are kept to a minimum.

All things put together, the TAIN Payment Gateway will simplify your online payments and make them safer and will enable you to provide a higher level of service towards your customers.

Key features of TPG include:

  • Single point of connection to multiple online payment service providers
  • Existing integrations to all major Payment System methods  and local solutions
  • Management of all transactions using a standardized process
  • Integrated risk and fraud management
  • VIP Player handling
  • Open to any integration to any PSP or any Bank
  • Visa 3DSecure and Mastercard SecureCode
  • Fully customizable limits, fees, fraud and multi-currency system
  • Fully customizable admin permission roles for your needs
  • Fully customizable Cashier system display and order
  • PSP pages editable in any language from the back office
  • Credit Card/Debit Card fail-over system
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