TAIN Shop Product

The TAIN Shop Product is the next generation shop offering. It is a unique approach to solving some of the key issues facing a betting shop business today:

  • Risk management and how to offer a competitive product
  • How to earn money from online/mobile gaming
  • How to adjust to changing regulatory requirements

How does the TAIN Shop Product work? It is a comprehensive solution with pre-live and live-betting features. Betting odds are received and you decide what spread you want added to the odds presented on your shop solution. This innovative new product means that you do not have to limit your high rollers, since you have no exposure from the favourites winning. This can also be used as the ultimate marketing tool, producing the best odds on the market attracting a wealth of new players to your platform.

The TAIN Shop Product offers a well thought through and tested method of converting shop players gradually to be able to use the product through online and mobile channels. Account handling and money transfer through the TAIN Voucher System allows the shop customer to also enjoy an extended service from home or by using their smart phone or other mobile device. The customer is tracked to ensure that the shop owner has full transparency of the activities and is also able to profit from online and mobile gaming from these loyal customers.

Key features of the TAIN Shop Product:

  • Both for shop and online/mobile
    • Customer is tracked across all channels to ensure shop owners still profit regardless of channel
    • TAIN Voucher System allows quick, transparent and auditable money transfer
    • Back office reporting and monitoring allows full transparency for both managers and shop owners
  • Convert shop customers to online/mobile
    • Increase spend by offering betting from home
    • Increase spend by offering live betting
    • Add casino side-games for increased revenue
    • Fully managed pricing and risk management
    • No need for bookmaker staff
    • High bet limits due to highly sophisticated risk management system
    • Margins are fully controlled by Operator to ensure competitive pricing
    • Allow shop owners to receive commission on turnover without risk
  • Large and flexible offering
    • Several thousands of markets per week
    • More than 200 live games offered per week
    • Offers customisable Toto coupons
  • Easy to adjust to local requirements
    • Available in more than 10 languages
    • Offers the ability to add local leagues and games for both pre-live and live betting
    • Toto coupons can be easily set up with local games and with payout plans to match local requirements
  • Flexible IT set up
    • System is lightweight in terms of hardware requirement and can be hosted locally
      • To comply with national regulatory requirements
      • To ensure best performance
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