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Since the dawn of online gambling, we here at Tain have been leading the way in developing full-featured solutions to the global gaming industry, providing comprehensive player management and content aggregations solutions to business of all sizes and markets. Join us on a journey of discovery where together we can help you build tomorrow’s solutions today.

What We Do at Tain


The Tain Sportsbook is a modular and dynamic sportsbook solution allowing operators to choose how to operate it. Go for a fully managed solution or use your own trading team with a supporting third party odds fee. Or use a mixture of your choosing.

Odds Service

Our systems constantly process complex mathematical algorithms, which means that we are able to deliver the true odds via our rapid feed and you apply your chosen margins. It really is that simple.


With over 2,000 games on offer, you can chose content from all of the world’s leading casino content providers. You can even create promotional campaigns and tournaments across all content providers transparently.

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