What’s next for online poker?

Further to the events of Black Friday and the subsequent actions by both the United States Department of Justice and affected poker operators, options for US residents to play online poker are rapidly diminishing. Of the few online poker sites still accepting players from the Unites States, it now seems certain that these online gaming operators will be next in the firing line.

In the days following the initial actions against the bigger name operators in online poker on 15th April, there were some evident winners and losers. Both Merge and Bodog managed to pick up significant increases in player numbers, but this newly enjoyed attention will likely spur a quicker demise as they are seen by the US authorities as the next in line to the throne.

It has been said many times before that the US government needs to take a different approach to online gambling and certainly to online poker especially. There’s a certain irony that the Land of the Free chooses to outlaw a game that many people view as quintessentially American in nature; the Wild West, six-shooters, sippin’ whiskey and playin’ poker in the saloon.

Of the few online poker operators who are still accepting US players, and have any kind of decent liquidity, three of them are networks. The operators on these networks need to consider their future game plans, should the DoJ target their platform next.

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