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The recent actions by the United States Department of Justice against a number of online gaming operators forced thousands of non-US based poker players to seek new poker operators to continue playing their game of choice.

There have been evident winners in the poker operator space for those who chose to permit US based poker players. There has also been a healthy injection of new players into other poker rooms who chose not to take US players.

For the operator who finds their primary markets to be outside of the United States, it does not make much sense to join a network where they might find themselves shutdown overnight in the next round of FBI crackdowns.

The iPoker Network does not take US players and therefore will not be on the receiving end of such nasty surprises as others were subject to on Black Friday. In terms of all important liquidity, the iPoker Network is the largest poker network in the world with thousands of cash players online at all times of the day and night.

Tain deals directly with Playtech on behalf of all of our clients and can, with minimum hassle, get you up and running on the world’s biggest poker network with the best deals around. Don’t wait for the Feds to shut your current provider down. Contact Tain now and find out how quickly we can help you find security and profitability in the iPoker Network.

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