Growth of mobile gambling

The emergence of mobile based gaming solutions has been a relatively slow process, when one considers the boom in desktop and browser-based online gaming over the past decade. Smart phones capable of providing the ability to engage players in all aspects of online gaming have been around for some years now, but we still find that a significant number of online gaming providers do not implement a mobile editions.

To take just the sports betting side of the business, there are huge opportunities available for a provider to offer mobile betting to fans who are down at the stadium for the game and fancy placing a few Euros on the outcome. A smart phone with a mobile enabled application would allow players to access and place their bets any time that suited them.

But it is not just sports betting. Poker, casino, bingo, games can all benefit from the implementation of mobile enabled solutions, and these are areas the open valuable new markets and possibilities for operators and providers alike.

According to Gartner, global mobile gaming revenues hit US$4.7bn in 2009. Last year, Juniper Research published a report that saw the scale of annual wagers on mobile gambling would exceed US$48bn by the year 2015.

Mobile gaming is still a gargantuan source of potential business just waiting to be tapped.

Mobile will be epic.

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