Tain products compliant in Denmark

The Tain Commons Platform, Tain Payment Gateway, Single Wallet Module and the Tain Thorium Sportsbook are all currently undergoing the final stages of certification to pass compliance testing with the rigorous technical requirements set down by the Danish Gambling Authority.

The Tain solution is scheduled to go operational early in the new year and incorporates key elements that can be hosted either locally in Denmark, or in one of a number of other recognised jurisdictions.

Tain’s iGaming systems communicate and exchange data within the Danish approved model. This provides a number of integrated features to ensure maximum player protection for Danish players, including Dictao secured data storage (SAFE), Tamper Token security system and interfacing to the Problem Gambling Register, ROFUS, which permits any player can request to be excluded from playing online games in Denmark.

Combined with additional verification methods, the identity authentication process will be performed using the Danish NemID secure log-in solution, a commonly used system for Danish Internet banks and government websites using residents civil registration numbers.

With the above solution in place, this will ensure Tain product compliance with the Danish Gambling Authority’s requirements:

  • Players are able to play online games with approved licence holders
  • Licence holders are able to legally provide online games in Denmark and prove that they meet statutory requirements
  • The Danish Gambling Authority is able to check that online gambling will meet the requirements of current legislation
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