Tain adds InstaDeal Poker

Recently added into the Tain portfolio of games is InstaDeal Poker. The InstaDeal Poker platform is an exciting new opportunity for new and existing operators alike. Up to 5 times faster than existing poker solutions, InstaDeal offers a browser based client, a downloadable client and a fully operational mobile client that works on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, all fully skinable by the operator.

Designed for the casual poker players, the InstaDeal Poker system supports connecting to a fast growing poker network, but also provides operators with the ability to create their own closed rooms. Rake levels are set by each operator, giving you the flexibility to choose how much or how little rake you want to earn. InstaDeal Poker is a “fast fold” platform where players are seated at a new table as soon as they have folded a hand. This gives players more action at the tables since they will be dealt a new set of cards witin seconds of folding a hand they are not comfortable with. Because this translates into faster play, you do not need a large pool to have very active poker tables.

In addition to being able to provide closed environments, operators can choose to exclude certain tables, such as micro limit games. Closed tournaments can also be offered in addition to being part of the larger network. The InstaDeal solution allows smaller operators to reap the benefits of a poker network and still have the option to switch to a closed environment at a later date.

Key features

  • Downloadable, browser and mobile versions
  • Fast fold concept protects casual players and means more rake
  • Operator configurable rake levels
  • Closed tables for independent tournaments
  • Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz
  • Tournament types include: freeroll, flight, single handed, bounty, heads-up, rounders, satelite and survivor
  • 20 languages available
  • Large tournament prizes and bonuses
  • Fully customisable client application via API

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