Thorium Mobile Sportsbook

Mobile betting offers players the ability to place bets on events whilst they are not in the vicinity of the more establish betting channels. Mobile betting opens up greater opportunities for sports fans to place bets on live events from the pub or the stadium. Mobile betting enables operators to significantly increase their income.

William Hill’s first half revenue reports for 2012 showed an increase of over 370% in mobile sports betting. Mobile bets placed accounted for almost 20% of total sportsbook turnover, during this period.

Recognising the increasing demand for mobile based products within the small-to-medium operator market, Tain has partnered with Emgidy to release a mobile sportsbook addition to the Thorium Sportsbook. This HTML5 based mobile sportsbook is platform independent and works on devices that do not support Flash, meaning it will even work on iPhone and iPad devices.

Our first client has now gone live with the mobile sportsbook and has reported very positive feedback. The mobile application currently allows players to register, login and place bets for upcoming events in addition to taking part in live betting. Additional features are in development and will be added to the mobile product in the near future, including an HTML5 based mobile casino module.


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