Bitcoins and online gambling

Virtual online currencies are not new. Yet amongst the variety of attempts to create an alternative global medium of exchange, perhaps none has quite managed to gain the traction and credibility as Bitcoin. A sort of financial version of Esperanto, it has been interesting to watch the rise of this virtual currency to a point where one can now make inter-bank transfers using the Bitcoin currency through a fully registered payment service provider.
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Tain acquires 18% stake in BettingPromotion


Online gaming platforms supplier Tain has acquired an 18% stake in sports betting feed provider BettingPromotion, making Tain by far the largest single shareholder.

Christer Fahlstedt, CEO of Tain, said:

BettingPromotion is a great company with a fantastic product. Tain is today providing the BettingPromotion feed to more than ten operators and we can clearly see the strength of the product. We believe both Tain and BettingPromotion are very well positioned to play a big role in the online gaming industry in the coming years. We are looking forward to working even closer with the management team and board of BettingPromotion to realise the full potential in both companies.