The Gold Rush of 2013?

Gold Rush posterIt appears that we may just be about to witness a surge in online gambling legislation around the United States of America. Through the early days of growth in the online gambling market, the United States seemed to have missed what was an opportunity for economic growth in a new segment, as demonstrated by a conservative president reacting in 2006 with a very weak act in an attempt to block access to online gambling websites.

Although the 10th Amendment explicitly permits individual states to offer intra state gambling in almost all forms, it has been a decidedly bumpy ride for entrepreneurs trying to build a new businesses offering online gaming to residents of the United States, with many politicians choosing not to rock the boat of their party line, or perhaps not wishing to upset their more conservative constituents. The net effect has been one of repressing this burgeoning market and preventing legitimate new businesses from flourishing and generating new employment opportunities.

Nevada technically legalised online poker back in 2011, no licensees have actually released a working product to market, since this was dependent on the federal government. We can go into how eager established bricks-n-mortar casinos might be to see the growth of an industry that they perceive will take business away from them (and how wrong that view is) another time. Now New Jersey has joined Nevada and Delaware by introducing online gambling, albeit with some pretty heavy restrictions on who can enter the market. However, it is a positive step forward and one which we should see other states rapidly falling into line by emulating these same laws. California has recently tabled another bill towards legalisation of online gambling and there has been some movement of late to tackle the issues of online gambling at a federal level.

They say that a week is a long time in politics, but time waits for no man and this impending gold rush of activity will not wait around. Where the potential growth for new businesses to develop and offer a huge number of jobs means that the lawmakers may very well find that jumping on this bandwagon and supporting the generation of new jobs their re-election chances, but they’ll have to move quick.


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