Tain integrates Globalmouth messaging service


As more and more gaming companies go mobile, their need of mobile marketing and effective CRM programs will increase dramatically. With Tain’s integration of Globalmouth’s services it will be super simple for Tain’s gaming clients to add different SMS services to their marketing and CRM processes into more than 200 countries.

In mobile CRM, simple messaging services via SMS for registration verification, password changes and withdrawals is very popular. Just as bonus, deposit offers as well as different reactivation and VIP campaigns via SMS are very popular and profitable for gaming companies.

The simple reason why B2C SMS is becoming so popular is the declining email opening rate and the growth of mobile usage, and the simple fact that a quality segmented SMS that is sent out will be read by 95% of its receivers in less than 3 minutes for a very low cost. Add a link to a mobile website landing page and you’re one touch from a direct sale too. Compare that to any other direct marketing channel!

Christer Fahlstedt, CEO of Tain, said:

We are really proud that we so fast could implement and offer our clients an Mobile Messaging service from Globalmouth that not only adds an excellent technical service and support but also a lot of competence in how to use different mobile messaging and marketing services.

What is very important when you’re using SMS in your marketing is to be very careful with your message, frequency and timing and that you’ve always offers an option to opt out. So that you’re always very relevant to your target group and don’t abuse and spam your clients.

Nicklas Jönsson, CEO at Globalmouth, said:

Gaming companies that goes mobile is our strongest growth segment at the moment. Signing Tain and offering our services to their portfolio of clients will hopefully improve both our and Tain’s growth even more.

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