Online gambling and cash markets

Euro cash pileAn oft missed opportunity in the online gambling marketplace is the potential of cash depositing players. Online operators tend to think of depositing players needing to be supplied with vast options for depositing funds via credit cards or e-wallets, but seldom do the thought processes turn to requirements of accepting cash. And why should they? After all, we are talking online here.

Or should we stop and consider for a moment the inherent yet largely untapped possibilities of accepting cash in online gambling?

Think about it as creating more avenues for recreational players, those who play on impulse. Cash players who do not want to spend the extra time creating an account on a website, transferring funds from their bank to a gaming account and waiting days for the banks to clear and complete the transaction. Offering a method for accepting cash, a player could, for example, walk into a licensed gambling outlet on the local high street and place a bet quickly and easily before the weekend football starts. No banks, no hassle, no headaches.

These days we find all manner of video lottery terminals and slot machines are licensed for entertainment purposes everywhere from pubs to petrol stations. This too presents an opportunity to place entertainment machines and allow the exchange of cash for vouchers in many more locations and therefore reach a far larger audience. Extend the principle outwards a little and we have a distribution method that encompasses and benefits the agent model too.

Offering such a method to be able to accept cash players now opens up your reach to a much wider sphere of influence. Using the Tain Voucher system provides this cash based possibility. Similar to the benefits of using Bitcoins, vouchers are instant and chargeback free. Players can purchase vouchers at any time for cash and play games whenever and wherever they choose. Vouchers can be utilised on the operator’s website, via shop-based betting terminals or even used as part of a greater marketing strategy.