Introducing the Tain Odds Service

Odds Service data feedOur most recent addition to the Tain portfolio of online gambling products delivers an outstanding Odds Service enabling you to power your own sportsbook without the need for specialists in every sporting discipline to manage the market risks inherent within sports bookmaking. The Tain Odds Service also providers operators with a massive number of both live and pre-live events every month.

Some people claim that the number of events is not the most important factor in an odds feed, but we still like to highlight the fact that only our odds feed delivers over 25,000 pre-live events and more than 15,000 live events every month. These figures are constantly growing and show no signs of slowing down.

Our odds feed delivers what we call the true odds. Unlike many feeds available, our numbers are not scraped from the numerous corners of the Internet, scanned and regurgitated out, we actually trade hundreds of millions worth of Euros every year on the markets using our own funds. As market-makers, we have a firm grip on the movements and can adjust our prices within seconds of any movement.

Announcing the launch of the Tain Odds Service, Christer Falhstedt, CEO of Tain, said:

We have constructed the Tain Odds Service with the knowledge that many operators are very tightly integrated with their current feed provider. Adapting to a new provider can be a very big and potentially risky IT project. With this in mind, we have a flexible structure that we will adapt to your specific requirements – allowing you to replace parts of or the whole feed, or even run our odds feed in parallel with your current solution.

The Tain Odds Service is a plug-and-play solution that you can easily add to your environment and run in parallel with any existing feed provider. You will also gain access to a dedicated account manager with solid trading knowledge, for any assistance you might require.

  • More than 25,000 pre-live events per month
  • Over 15,000 additional live events per month
  • Plug-and-play architecture means rapid deployment
  • True odds, giving you better margins
  • Dedicated account manager for any help
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