Recruiting a JavaScript Developer – KIEV

We are looking for experienced JavaScript developers with strong architecturals skills and desire to make things right. The candidate for this position will be responsible for developing gambling WL solution(web site with administrative panel which is multi-tenant, customizable and integrated to our platform products backends) in javascript/html5 from scratch. Candidate will mostly interact with team members in Kyiv and management at Sweden to develop White-Label solution on top of proven js frameworks. This web-site will be provided to hundreds of our customers and serve thousands of players. We are looking for a person who is highly initiative and proactive(in a good sense :) ).

Candidate main tasks will include(but not limited to):

  • designing frontend for our WL solution based on some existing PHP CMS code
  • extending new solution to meet latest API changes on backend
  • define architecture and approve design for WL solution
  • define delivery process
  • communicating requirements to backend developers and designers
  • participate in code review sessions
  • writing integration tests (yes we do TDD)
  • participate in delivering processes
  • interviewing frontend developers
  • bar crawling with devs time to time

Must-have requirements:

  • 3+ years in javascript/html5
  • understanding of multi-tenancy concepts
  • understanding of asynchronous client-server communication
  • good understanding of proven design approaches and patterns
  • good understanding of html5 technologies (including markup/styling)
  • good understanding of security(especially in web area)
  • experience in building reusable code
  • good communication skills
  • good written and spoken english(you will communicate with english-speakers)

Is-a-plus requirements:

  • PHP background(at least reading and understanding code)
  • experience in responsive design
  • background in gambling business
  • portfolio
  • basic linux commands

What you can expect:

  • new learning and development opportunities
  • competitive tasks
  • good coding culture(we are also friendly)
  • competitive salary packages(labor book)
  • medical insurance
  • paid vacations
  • occasional business trips

About Company:

Tain is one of the largest software gaming solution providers which has been around since the beginning of internet gambling. It started as a software development department for one of the first major online sports betting operators in northern Europe, but since then has grown into an independent online gaming platform provider, with established market and a number of profitable operators. Working in gaming sector offers an exciting combination of high load products and entertaining domain where its easy to grasp the basics, and yet the internals are deeply backed by mathematical models, so there’s always a space to learn.

The gaming platform development is driven by ultimate focus on technology and latest proven architectures and frameworks.

The company is taking agile culture very seriously! Working at Tain means high level of autonomy and responsibility, as the teams are truly agile with no real hierarchy. The development process is constantly changing from the time it was originally established by one of the most prominent pioneers of Agile world, shifting from Scrum to Kanban when necessary, while keeping XP as a priority, considering pair programming and test driven development as the most fascinating ingredients of software development process. On top of that, Tain knows that great developers are creative people who needs time to learn and try new things, that’s why all developers are participating in lab days with free snacks and drinks every month.

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