Malta | Full-time

Responsible To:              Team Manager

Responsible For:      Dealers, Shufflers

Other Relationships:       Service Support,  Team Manager, Team Co-ordinator, Head of Studio Operations, Service Co-ordinator

Scope & General Purpose of Job:

  • A Pit Boss is in charge of pit personnel. In charge of monitoring the Dealer’s performance inside the pit and ensuring that proper procedures are adhered to.

Standards of Performance: (Duties of Position)

  • Pit Boss must continuously monitor what is going on in their pit.
  • Has a complete knowledge of the rules and procedures of the games in their pit.
  • Follow all company policies and guidelines and report accordingly any failures
  • Ensures that the game presenters are using the proper dealing procedures inside the pit.
  • Responsible for settling table mistakes made by the game presenters with the service team.
  • Maintain smooth operation inside the pit and escalating any informing to the service co ordinator when needed.
  • Carry out any other adhoc duties that might be required from time to time according to the Company’s exigencies.

Occasional Duties:                As Required

Hours of Work:                      Variable Shifts

Qualification Requirements:    Minimum of 2 years experience in an Online Casino .

Quality Control:                       Performs quality control functions as per departmental standard.

Health & Hygiene:                    Maintains and cleans immediate work area. Conforms to uniform standards required to respective departments.

Interested? send us your cv on jobs@tain.com

During recruitment and selection of new members including Management, Tain Malta ensures to provide equal opportunity to all applicants and do not pose any form of discrimination on race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, political or religious beliefs, national or ethnic origin.

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