White-label Advantage

Tain eradicates the need for you to obtain your own licence

Tain have ensured that we can meet our clients requirements in any set-up that they require. We offer a white-label solution whereby Tain will eradicate the need for you to obtain your own licence and payment service providers credentials. We have this already set up for you and can get you to market in as little as three weeks. Tain will cover all the operational aspects of your set-up to allow you to focus on driving your business forward.

Our unique stand-alone set-up ensures that you can easily move to your own licence at any point with minimal disruption to your operation and players. We also understand the importance of your player database, which is why we only share anonymised information with third-party suppliers to protect your database integrity.

White-label highlights

  • Player database owned by client
  • Time to market typically 8 week turnaround
  • Standalone set-up with options to move to turnkey when ready
  • Best-of-breed products available across the platform
  • Multiple registration currency and language set-up
  • Full use of Tain team for processing payments/monitoring for fraud and collusion
  • Single wallet included by default
  • Wide selection of products to create your own unique white label offering. RNG Casino, Live Casino, Sportsbook, Poker and much more available with content from various 3rd parties included
  • Only focus for clients are driving brand through marketing and supporting their customers, Tain can handle everything else

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