Hosting Services

Perhaps you already have your own online gambling software? You have developed your own casino product, or bought a sportsbook solution and are now searching for somewhere to host your servers so you can power them up, go live with your application and start your business growing? You urgently need to find somewhere to rack the servers and feel safe that they’re in secure and professional hands. But who do you talk to?

With multiple sites in various jurisdictions, Tain can offer you an easier path to your server hosting requirements. We have already done the legwork to find the best hosting providers. We have ensured that each facility has the specifications needed to support high availability web applications and we monitor all the critical operations that goes on at each site.

Our installations are designed with resilience in mind from day one. We make the effort to ensure that wherever there may be a potential hazard, we cover that possibility. It is a “belt and braces” approach, but one that gives peace of mind. Not matter if you have a single server, or a complete racks, we be able to get you connected.

With Tain providing you with your hosting needs, we can take that extra headache away. We’ll look after your servers, firewalls, switches, arrays, you relax in the knowledge that we have a constant eye keeping watch.

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