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With over a decade of in-house trading experience, and along with our state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms, we are confident of delivering to you the absolutely true market odds on which you simply need to select your preferred margins.At Tain we trade for hundreds of million Euros every year in the most competitive market places in the world – using our own funds. Our algorithm based high-frequency trading engine adjusts our prices within fraction of second of any price move.

This pricing information is what we provide through the Odds Feed. This is the difference of being able to deliver a feed that is so correct you will be able to realize the theoretical margin even from your singles – no other feed will be able to deliver this.Over 35,000 Pre-Live Events Per Month. There is an ever-present and increasing demand for more events to be offered in a sportsbook solution, in which the larger the variety and number of events, the greater the revenue and increased profits. The Odds Feed offers more than 55 different sports, such as soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, rugby, cricket, golf and many more, including all the major US sports straight out of the box. If your preferred sporting event or discipline is not included, just let us know and we will add it for you.Over 25,000 Live Events Per Month. Sports bettors enjoy live betting and this is reflected in the ever growing numbers of people engaging in this huge market. Live betting offers your players more chances to win, with many additional in-game betting opportunities.

The Odds Feed gives you and your customers access to more than 25,000 live events every month. Combined with our staggering number of additional markets per game, it all adds up to more value and more game play.Plug and Play The Odds Feed product is constructed with the knowledge that many operators are very tightly integrated with their current feed provider. Adapting to a new provider can be a very big and potentially risky IT project. With this in mind we have a flexible structure which we will adapt to your specific requirements – allowing you to replace parts of, the whole feed or run our feed in parallel with your current solution. It will be plug and play.Dedicated Account ManagerA feed is not just a static item without customisation. A dedicated account manager/trader with multiyear will be assigned to you, to allow for quick customization and to respond to specific needs.

  • Real Time Settlements

  • Customize your margins & stakes

  • Expert Risk Management

  • Multilingual

  • Multicurrency

  • Fully automated

Odds Feed Specifications

  • 35,000+ events pre-live per month
  • 25,000+ events in live per month
  • Up to 100+ markets per event
  • 55+ different types of sports
  • 20+ different Esports with up to 30+ markets
  • Cashout
  • Fast Bets
  • VIP Bet
  • Global Bet Ticker
  • Real-time visuals and statistics for Live betting
  • Quick Integration Time
  • Lightning Fast Push Feed over TCP connection
  • 24h Direct trading support
  • In-House Odds creation
  • Full event cycle Live and PreLive. Event creation, Odds,Suspension, Live Data, Settlements and Results