Tain Sportsbook

The Tain Sportsbook is a fully featured sportsbook built your way

Choice of Operation Mode

The Tain Sportsbook is a modular and dynamic sportsbook solution allowing operators to choose how to operate it. Go for a fully-managed solution or use your own trading team with a supporting third-party odds feed. Or use a mixture of your choosing.

The fully-managed sportsbook has hundreds of different markets available on more than 20 sports, with both pre-live and live games, bringing the total accessible offers to in excess of 15,000 live events per month.

Fully Customisable Front End

Our flexible sportsbook solution offers an open-ended variety of presentation interface options, making this sportsbook fully compatible with Apple iOS, Android and all leading mobile devices. All front end components are available through API for full customisation. Several third party web development companies build and maintain different versions of the front end.

The Tain Sportsbook can be plugged in to any wallet solution, including the Tain Casino, providing players with a seamless betting experience across a wide variety of different gaming products.

Tain Sportsbook Highlights

  • Choice of operation mode: fully-managed, or use your own trading team with external odds feeds
  • Supporting several third-party odds feed providers
  • Choose from a selection of HTML5 interfaces, or build your own
  • Seamless integration to any wallet

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