Recruiting a Casino Coordinator

Tain is seeking a Casino Coordinator to join our team.  Operating from the Malta offices, the Casino Coordinator will be responsible of all the tasks involved to keep the casino portfolio up to date, plan and evaluate campaigns to improve the ROI and actively identify and/or support, solve and prevent poor customer experiences.

The main responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure that the casino portfolio is up to date, and competitive in the core markets.
  • Manage the releases of games by liaising with game providers and technical teams.
  • Communicate upcoming game releases, new product features, opportunities and insights to all customers.
  • Plan, create and execute tailor-made retention campaigns for whitelabel customers, specific to their markets and needs, focusing on increasing the revenues for each brand.
  • Assist and support turnkey customers with creating, setting up, planning, executing and evaluating new marketing and sales campaigns/activities as required.
  • Constant evaluation of campaigns in order to improve efficiency and ROI.
  • Assist clients with managing and optimising their casino content.
  • On request, assist the Account Management team in negotiations with new and existing providers, as well as with the management of client accounts.
  • Evaluate casino lobbies across devices, brands and markets to ensure the best possible user experience.
  • On request, actively take part and assist in marketing and sales activities such as events/seminars/conferences or other.
  • Keep up to date with the market and industry knowledge.
  • Need to be knowledgeable and stay up to date with all relevant regulations and ensure that our games offering and relationship with the supplier stays compliant.

Requirements and Competences:

  • Previous working experience in a similar position within the iGaming industry.
  • Genuine interest in casino games, including both slots and live dealer.
  • Good knowledge of marketing & product lifecycle is considered an asset.
  • Professional customer care skills.
  • Fluency in English, both spoken and written. Fluency in other languages is a bonus.
  • Posses good analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Highly organised character who is self-motivated and able to work on own initiative.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other MS Office applications.

To Apply

If this sounds interesting to you, send your CV to

Tain awarded Romanian gaming licence



August  22, 2016 – Malta (Press Release): Tain, the leading software and solutions provider to the iGaming industry, today announced that it has obtained a Class 2 license from the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN).

Tain will now be able to supply its platform to all online gaming operators in Romania’s recently regulated market.

The licence is the first Tain has acquired in Eastern Europe, and comes as part of a wider strategy of targeting expansion in the region’s regulated markets.

Mathias Larsson, Managing Director of Tain, said:

We are delighted to take this first step into one of the regulated markets within the Eastern European region. We have customers that are already operational in Romania, and there are many others that have showed interest in working with us.

As we are already integrated with all premium content providers that hold a licence in Romania, Tain is now the perfect choice for operators wanting to enter the market.

Tain has a well-defined and ambitious strategy that has identified the potential of the Eastern European region, and we hope to soon announce the attainment of further licences. We expect Hungary to be the next market that we enter.

The licence award comes less than a month after it was announced that Tain had been acquired by XIN Gaming, the leading developer of games for the Asian online casino market.

Larsson said:

“We have made a lot of progress in the short period of time since acquiring Tain.

Tain has a long heritage, but we are on the verge of a dynamic and exciting new era for the company. We are, of course, keen to discuss our ambitious plans with any new and existing customers within the iGaming industry.”


About Tain

Tain is one of the most established content and technical services providers in the online gambling industry, having been founded in 1999. Tain’s strengths are its in-house products, including a market-leading gaming platform, payment gateway, casino games, and a comprehensive sports book and odds feed. Tain has also integrated top-tier game providers such as NetEnt, Evolution and Play’nGo.



Mathias Larsson

Managing Director, Tain


Tel: +852 972 36259

Recruiting a Helpdesk Agent

Tain is seeking to expand our Services Team.  Operating from the Malta offices, the Tain Services Team provides 1st and 2nd Line Support, Payments and Risk & Fraud Services, Bonus/Campaign setup and monitoring for a number of Tain clients. We are looking for an energetic person to join us as part of this fast moving company in a fast paced industry.

The responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • Handle customer communication in relation to incidents, service requests, roll-out of new features or other related matters in a timely and professional manner.
  • Pro-actively come up with solutions to customer problems.
  • Perform identity checks, and actively monitor player activity to identify and stop any possible fraudulent activity.
  • Monitor and process payments, and ensure the continuity of payment services provided to the customers.
  • Schedule and perform TAIN platform demonstrations to prospective clients and provide training sessions to newly signed clients as well as for existing clients.
  • Liaise with other departments and 3rd party providers in order to tackle incidents, support requests as well as new product and integration requests.
  • Liaise and assist other departments with day to day tasks, reporting and the set up of new clients.
  • Actively assist the Account Management team with any tasks required.
  • Keep up to date with all Tain products on offer and maintain a high level of knowledge about our in-house software and third party tools alike.
  • Be prepared to take on additional ad-hoc responsibilities as required.

Requirements and Competences:

  • Two years working experience in a similar position in the iGaming industry.
  • Knowledge of anti-money laundering practices.
  • Able to identify online poker fraudulent activity and casino/sportbook bonus abuse.
  • Able to conduct, in person or online, training and demonstrations to prospective new clients.
  • Professional customer care skills.
  • Fluency in English, both spoken and written. Fluency in other languages is a bonus.
  • Highly organised character, pro-active, self-motivated, able to work on own initiative and eager to learn.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and other MS Office applications.
  • Excellent data entry accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Be willing to work on-call on a rota basis.
  • Experience with checking relevant logs/information (knowledge of basic Linux commands) is a plus.

To Apply

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Recruiting for a Compliance & HR Officer

This position has now been slightly updated – you can find the updated position for a Compliance officer at

The Compliance & HR Officer is the main point of contact within the company for any questions and issues relating to the documentation of policies, processes and procedures relating to the HR practices and to the regulatory compliance operations .

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XIN Gaming acquires Tain and Betting Promotion


28 July, 2016 – Malta (Press Release): XIN Gaming, the foremost games and systems developer in the Asian gaming sector, has acquired Tain, the renowned software and solutions provider, and Betting Promotion, the sportsbook supplier.

The two Swedish companies merged in 2013 and will now be owned by XIN Gaming, which is already established as a leading content and platform supplier.

XIN decided to make the acquisition due to Tain’s reputation as one of the most trustworthy B2B operators within online gaming, and because of the potential of its comprehensive and independent offering.

Mathias Larsson, XIN Gaming’s Managing Director, said: “This is a milestone for XIN Gaming, as this acquisition moves us up to the next level within the sector.

“Tain is not just a very good platform, it is also one of the most established brands in the online market. This heritage is important as we believe it builds trust.

“Most suppliers out there only have their own platform, and their reliance on third-party providers means they can’t offer competitive pricing to clients. However, Tain has a complete in-house offering and can therefore offer low prices to operators.”

Tain launched its first sportsbook in 1999, and since then has expanded its offering to include a betting exchange and casino, poker and bingo games.

Tain, whose clients range from the start-ups to the industry’s giants, also offers a feature-rich payment gateway solution. Meanwhile its Tain Commons Platform ties together an operator’s entire range of gaming products into a single management interface.

Larsson added: “Tain offers a very competitive in-house sportsbook, a strong portfolio of in-house casino games and a top-of-the-line payment gateway.

“Adding to any partner’s own portfolio, Tain offers best-of-breed third-party content on its platform from providers such as NetEnt and Evolution.

“Tain will also now integrate slot games from XIN Gaming and Live Dealer from Asia Gaming, and make these available to European operators.”

For more information/high res images contact:
Lyceum Media
+44 (0) 208 123 7184

Mathias Larsson

About XIN Gaming
XIN Gaming is a premium, global B2B supplier of digitally distributed casino systems and games. XIN Gaming takes pride in its long-standing relationship with its clients that depend on them for delivering creative, innovative, most localised games on the market. XIN Gaming is passionate about creating games with local content and delivery.

Recruiting for Services Team

Tain are seeking to expand our Services/Payments Team. Operating from the Malta offices, the Tain Payments Team provides 1st and 2nd Line Support, Payments and Risk & Fraud Services, Bonus/Campaign setup and monitoring for a number of Tain clients. We are looking for an energetic person to join us as part of this fast moving company in a fast paced industry.

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Recruiting for Services & Payments Team

Tain are seeking to expand our Service & Payments Team. Operating from the Malta offices, the Tain Payments Team provides Support, Payments and Risk & Fraud Services for a number of Tain clients. We’re looking for an energetic person to join us as part of this fast-paced industry.

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Starting out as an online gambling operator

Full aheadStarting out with your first venture into the online gambling business can be a daunting prospect. There are many hoops that aspiring operator will need to jump through before they can take that first bet. Many affiliates have successfully built their businesses and want to take the next step to becoming an operator, but how simple is it in reality?

First up on the list is selecting what games you want to offer. Your players may focus on poker, but side games (such as slots or blackjack) are very popular and an excellent source of revenue. Casino games are always going to be income generators and have been popular with players of all demographics. So it often makes sense to add casino to whatever your target market is. Sportsbooks have traditionally been an expensive and complicated behemoth that gobbles resources. No more is this the case and now operators of any size can add a sportsbook offering with the Tain Thorium Sportsbook.

If you choose to operate under your own licence, instead of opting to piggy-back on an existing white-label, then next up on the list is to decide where exactly you would prefer to be licensed from. There are pros and cons to each jurisdiction. To take just two, Malta benefits from European location and the ability to gain access to certain payment service providers dominant in the European markets. On the other hand, Curacao offers a far simpler and more cost-effective solution with a single licence for all gaming products.

Tain offers a clean and simple approach in these matters, allowing new operators to grow in their own time through our white-label products with a full suite of games on offer, right through to becoming a fully licensed operator. Because Tain keeps your player data completely separate from all other data, moving your business onwards and upwards should never be a hurdle.

HTML5 Thorium Sportsbook

Tain today released the first live HTML5 front end to the Tain Thorium Sportsbook. This brand new HTML5 sportsbook application features a state-of-the-art responsive design layout with specialised views for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
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