Starting out as an online gambling operator

Full aheadStarting out with your first venture into the online gambling business can be a daunting prospect. There are many hoops that aspiring operator will need to jump through before they can take that first bet. Many affiliates have successfully built their businesses and want to take the next step to becoming an operator, but how simple is it in reality?

First up on the list is selecting what games you want to offer. Your players may focus on poker, but side games (such as slots or blackjack) are very popular and an excellent source of revenue. Casino games are always going to be income generators and have been popular with players of all demographics. So it often makes sense to add casino to whatever your target market is. Sportsbooks have traditionally been an expensive and complicated behemoth that gobbles resources. No more is this the case and now operators of any size can add a sportsbook offering with the Tain Thorium Sportsbook.

If you choose to operate under your own licence, instead of opting to piggy-back on an existing white-label, then next up on the list is to decide where exactly you would prefer to be licensed from. There are pros and cons to each jurisdiction. To take just two, Malta benefits from European location and the ability to gain access to certain payment service providers dominant in the European markets. On the other hand, Curacao offers a far simpler and more cost-effective solution with a single licence for all gaming products.

Tain offers a clean and simple approach in these matters, allowing new operators to grow in their own time through our white-label products with a full suite of games on offer, right through to becoming a fully licensed operator. Because Tain keeps your player data completely separate from all other data, moving your business onwards and upwards should never be a hurdle.

HTML5 Thorium Sportsbook

Tain today released the first live HTML5 front end to the Tain Thorium Sportsbook. This brand new HTML5 sportsbook application features a state-of-the-art responsive design layout with specialised views for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
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Federal online poker?

Glacial. This is perhaps the best way to describe the progress towards regularising online gambling within the United States. Since the passage of UIGEA back in 2006 the online gaming market in this country has been forced underground, drawing some similarities with the Volstead Act and prohibition. Over the years we have seen and heard many commentators and law makers indications that things will change in this area, but so far to no avail.

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Whose law is it anyway?

Further to the indictments unsealed against Calvin Ayre and three other Bodog employees, Calvin has announced a top-notch legal team that will be putting forward his defence strategy.

In what may be perceived as a one-fingered salute to the Department of Justice, Calvin has selected six attorneys including Barry Slotnick. For those of you who do not know Barry Slotnick, he is the New York based attorney who successfully defended a number of alleged Mafia members, including John Gotti and Joe Columbo.

What is of greater interest here is that the claimed proof of Bodog taking bets from US based players has been presented where government agents (acting in an almost agent provocateur manner) have placed real money wagers via the website back in January of 2012. The legality of this situation has been argued in a variety of fora over recent years, yet it still something pertinent to the global iGaming business today.

Simply by way of example, let us stop for a moment and imagine the furore that would erupt in the United States should an American tavern owner have an Interpol Red Notice issued against them, at the request of a dry nation, because one of the citizens of said dry nation had purchased and enjoyed a cold beer at a bar in New York. Do you believe for even one moment that the owner of the bar would be arrested by the local authorities? Of course not. The US government would flatly refuse to hand over the person or persons listed in such a warrant. And why? Because drinking a beer in New York is not a crime. It may be that an individual’s personal beliefs dictate that they may not consume alcohol and it may be against the law to drink beer in some parts of the world. But in New York city in 2012 it is still not a crime for an adult (even tourists) to consume alcohol.

So now we hit the central part of the issue. We have US players going abroad (on a virtual trip over the Internet) to play poker in foreign nations, such as Antigua. They return from their brief virtual vacation and carry on with life. Now the US law enforcement goes after the foreign business owner in the foreign sovereign nation for something that is perfectly legal in said sovereign nation.

In 2007 the World Trade Organization ruled that the United States was in violation of their obligations by not granting full access to online gaming companies. Perhaps it is time for the United States government to play by the rules they expect everyone else to adhere to.


Learning from the success of others

?Here in Malta the online gaming industry is thriving. The Prime Minister recently announced that there were 209 igaming operators located in Malta, holding some 400 licences. There is no doubt that the online gaming sector is a huge contributor to the Maltese economy, providing over 3,000 jobs on the islands. Read more