La Funda opens in Dominican Republic with Tain

La Funda logoWhen Kinbar International wanted to provide online gaming to the 10 million residents of the Dominican Republic, they knew that they needed to partner with a team that could provide them with the diversity and experience required to compliment their existing years of knowledge in the industry as direct brokers.

After exhaustive research, Tain was narrowed to be the best choice for the following reasons:

  • Turnkey service to Poker, Casino, and Sportsbook with some of the most recognized brands in the industry.
  • Proven financial platforms that allow for smooth and efficient monitoring and controls that seemed would be seamlessly traversed by the customers making the entire platform user friendly.
  • Negotiable terms in commissions that provided the profitability necessary when considering the multiplying effect on the bottom line when gross sales are targeted.

Scott Miller, CEO of Kinbar International, continues:

Investments of this magnitude require more than just a high quality engine that we have from Tain. It requires a dedicated and supportive human touch, who will work with you from day one to go-live, with all of your integration and training needs. The Tain Group has this intangible perfected, and we believe our decision will take our brand successfully throughout the rest of the Caribbean and Europe.

Nick Barr, Business Development Manager of Tain, said:

La Funda are a great operation and we are very upbeat about this new project. La Funda have extensive experience in gaming and we are thrilled they have chosen the full Tain suite for this newly regulated market which further solidifies Tain’s position as a platform leader in both regulated and non-regulated markets.

Tain adds InstaDeal Poker

Recently added into the Tain portfolio of games is InstaDeal Poker. The InstaDeal Poker platform is an exciting new opportunity for new and existing operators alike. Up to 5 times faster than existing poker solutions, InstaDeal offers a browser based client, a downloadable client and a fully operational mobile client that works on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, all fully skinable by the operator.

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Federal online poker?

Glacial. This is perhaps the best way to describe the progress towards regularising online gambling within the United States. Since the passage of UIGEA back in 2006 the online gaming market in this country has been forced underground, drawing some similarities with the Volstead Act and prohibition. Over the years we have seen and heard many commentators and law makers indications that things will change in this area, but so far to no avail.

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5050Poker grows with Tain

Tain’s welcomes our newest client, 5050Poker, who are expanding their current offering with a full suite of Tain online gaming products, including the new Tain Single Wallet Module. Malta based 5050Poker have selected to go with a complete package consisting of: Tain Commons Platform, Tain Payment Gateway, the zero-risk Tain Thorium Sportsbook and Tain Thorium Casino with Microgaming Quickfire suite. All these products will be added to 5050Poker’s existing poker room on the Microgaming Network, further enhancing 5050Poker strong position in the online gambling industry.

Christer Fahlstedt, CEO of Tain said:

The Single Wallet Module is proving to be immensely popular with both operators and players alike. The ability for players to move between games in a far more fluid manner increases enjoyment of the games and provides greater revenue potential for the operator.

In possession of a Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority Class 3 Licence, 5050Poker was founded in 2007 and today the parent company is listed on the NASDAQ OMX. 5050Poker offers its more than 12,000 players a unique reward with 50% of the company’s shares being distributed amongst active players, based on how much the players play with the company. Combined with numerous tournaments and promotions, 5050Poker players have great rewards for their continued loyalty.


UIGEA after 2012?

Next year brings the United States of America Presidential elections and the maniacal scramble for the Whitehouse is already heating up. In 2008 there was much talk about the possibility of Barack Obama repealing UIGEA, once it had been reported that he was a keen poker player – then again, George W. Bush was known as a skilled poker player whilst he was attending Harvard Business School. Sadly for many poker players in the United States, Obama did not take any action on UIGEA and the act is still in force.

There may, however, be a glint of light at the end of this very dark tunnel. One of the challengers to the throne is Congressman Ron Paul, who is seeking the Republican Party nomination. Paul is a libertarian and has consistently been against UIGEA saying, in 2008:

I think the whole idea of the UIGEA is to intrude upon that using government regulations. Of course, I also defend the right of individuals to spend their money as they choose. I personally don’t engage in gambling, but I recognize that some people enjoy and like it and can handle it, and they ought to have the right to do it.

The best odds on Dr. Paul winning the Presidential Election next year currently are showing around the 10/1 region. Certainly the favourite (as is often the case) is the incumbent President. There’s always what might be called the “home advantage” for any sitting president, since they already “look presidential”. This in itself inspires awe in some voters and is often enough to tilt the balance in favour.

Leading the challengers is Mitt Romney, with odds as short as 2/3. Interestingly enough, were Mitt Romney to win, as a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints he would mark a distinct break from the more traditional Protestant based Christian religions that Presidents have generally nailed their colours to. At least, since Abraham Lincoln.

There is another potential hurdle here too. The Mormon website states:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is opposed to gambling, including lotteries sponsored by governments. Church leaders have encouraged Church members to join with others in opposing the legalization and government sponsorship of any form of gambling.

It would appear, therefore, that Mitt Romney might be less than happy to entertain the idea of legalised online poker and therefore perhaps the best hope for poker players in the United States lies with Ron Paul becoming the 45th President of the United States of America. At 77 years of age, this would be quite an achievement. Yet, who would have predicted just 10 years ago that Barack Obama would be in the Whitehouse?


Facebook real money poker?

A recent article in EGR Magazine has suggested that Facebook is looking to create what could rapidly become the world largest poker network, overtaking Pokerstars, iPoker and Party Poker, with potential liquidity outstripping all three combined.

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